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Open Source

Our code is Open Source.

At our core, we're huge fans of open source code and complete transparency. Don't hesitate to jump in and help us out by contributing to our code.


Your security matters to us.

Be careful when adding extensions that can access your personal and work data and email. We shared our code publicly so you can see what it does.


No signup needed, 100% free.

You just need an OpenAI account which you can create for free at https://chat.openai.com You don’t need to register to UniJump!

Frequently Asked Questions

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UniJump is a seamless browser extension that enhances your daily usage of ChatGPT from any website you are browsing without the need of leaving that website. UniJump improves your writing, helps you get answers to your questions, and inspires you to experiment with different communication styles. Access UniJump with ⌘ Cmd + J or your UniJump widget right there where you are.

ChatGPT is a computer program created by OpenAI that can understand and work with human language. It can communicate with people similar to a person, change languages, summarize text, or suggest phrases to complete sentences, among others.

Yes, the extension is free to use.

We don’t store any of your personal data, information, data entry, or websites you visit. For full transparency, you can verify this by reviewing our open-source code on GitHub.

You can download UniJump from Google Chrome Webstore by following this link.

No! You just need an OpenAI account which you can create for free at https://chat.openai.com.